Supporting Sober Loved Ones During the Holidays: All Sober on NBC News Now

"Just make it normal, make it no big deal." Maeve O'Neill, our EVP of addiction and recovery, shared some advice with NBC News Now on how to brighten the holidays for your sober friends

December 4, 2022
Maeve O'Neill of All Sober on NBC News

The holidays are underway, and we’re having a delightful “Dry December” here at All Sober. More and more people are going sober all year long these days, but the holidays can still be tough for those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Maybe that includes a family member, a friend or even you.

If you’re hosting holiday parties this year, be sure to include nonalcoholic options and to be respectful of your guests’ boundaries, said Maeve O’Neill, executive vice president of addiction and recovery at All Sober, on a recent NBC Morning News Now segment.

But kind gestures and words of encouragement can brighten a loved one’s day as well. “If you know someone is choosing sobriety, maybe say, ‘Hey, we support you; we think this is a really good choice that you’re making,'” Maeve suggests. Let them know you think “it’s a wonderful thing to be in recovery and seeking sobriety.” Get more tips on supporting sober friends and family — watch the clip!

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