Bobby Torello



WFLIII DRUMS Ambassador and Artist, Classic Drummer Hall of Fame,
and New England Music Hall of Fame

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In 1972, Bobby’s big break came after relocating to Laurel, Mississippi, when he replaced drummer Keith Thibodeaux, who had just left David and the Giants. The group was touring nonstop, while Bobby’s reputation kept on growing. The following year, Bobby T joined Paper Steamboat. Steamboat was a precursor to the now-legendary group Thunderhead. At that time, Thunderhead was busy opening for every major Southern rock group on the circuit. Numerous big-name artists also jammed with them when they were in town. One such legendary notable was Johnny Winter, who was a big fan of Thunderhead. With the help of Johnny and Edgar Winter, Thunderhead was signed to ABC/Dunhill Records in 1974.

The number of bands and musicians Bobby T has worked with over the years reads like a who’s who of the music business. With no signs of slowing down, he appears busier than ever before. “T” is presently gigging with four different groups: the Sin Sisters, 8 and Up, Fairly Famous and the Jay Willie Blues Band. Thunderhead has also recorded a new album titled “Alive Again,” with the title track written by Bobby “T” Torello.

Bobby’s longevity in a tough business is a testament to his dedication and love for music. Like any professional musician, he has had to overcome a few obstacles along the way. None of these have prevented him from achieving his rightful place in drumming history.




“A few years after my second daughter's birth is when I finally smartened up. Mind you, there is a 32-year difference between daughters, so this was not a short road. I was heavily addicted to alcohol and drugs. A quart of Jäger and upwards of 10 Percocets just to get through each day. With the help of my eldest daughter, sober for years herself—clearly it runs in the family—I entered detox. Upon leaving detox, a place I never want to return to, I began attending daily AA meetings and got a sponsor. My journey began on Oct. 1, 2009, with the grace of God and AA. I am grateful to be alive and have been ever since. My life is truly beyond my wildest dreams, as the saying goes.” 
—  Bobby T” Torello