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Life Coach & Leadership Advisor

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Maria Caso is an executive life coach and leadership advisor whose journey began in Miami in the era of Pablo Escobar, when the Columbians touched ground in south Florida. Dazzled by the flamboyant underground culture around her, the drug lifestyle became both a 23-year devotion and a career. After two tumultuous decades, the intense ups met by equally powerful downs, she knew she didn’t have it in her anymore. When the last bit of real estate was lost and she realized her life was next to go, she knew it was over. At the age of 39, in New York City, she made the decision to get sober. Within three days, with the help of a friend, she entered the Betty Ford Clinic on Halloween of 1993. She has been sober ever since. She currently chairs the Hazelden Betty Ford New York City meeting every Tuesday at 7 PM and has helped countless people to get sober, including numerous dramatic interventions. In her sobriety, she has emerged as a trusted coach and advisor. Oz Garcia, nutritionist to celebrities, has said: With her remarkable mix of charisma, innate perception and professional skills, Maria turns around people’s lives by maximizing their potential. In addition to coaching, she is founder of the Cuban Artists Fund and board member of the Copperbridge Foundation, an arts collective in southern Florida. She brings her expertise in addiction and familiarity with the tough world of the streets to her myriad endeavors and is fond of saying: show up and a world shows up. When she’s not asserting that without integrity nothing works. She currently resides in New York City




“It is a cliché to say that I was broken, but that was the truth when I entered sobriety. I was empty. No direction, no honoring of myself or others. The journey of sobriety, 29 years long at this point, is difficult, long and uphill every day. But it is my lifeline, my safety net and my anchor. I am whole and complete now. And I am inside myself, not somewhere outside. There is nothing but possibility.”
—  Maria Caso



"Maria Caso has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter and motivate you to do what you know is necessary. She will change your life."
 – Paul Wolfe, Advertising Creative Director