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Scallion-Caper Smoked Salmon Toast by The Sobremesa

Healthy eating is so important in recovery, and this delicious, nutritious recipe from The Sobremesa can work for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Scallion-Caper Smoked Salmon Toast by The Sobremesa
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Scallion-Caper Smoked Salmon Toast



1 slice sourdough bread (Any variety you like! I used a sunflower flaxseed from Saraghina.)

1 scallion (green onion), sliced

1 tablespoon non-pareil capers (the tiniest and cutest of the caper fam)

Cream cheese

Smoked salmon

Pepper and salt, to taste

A bit of dill

Let’s do it!

  1. Slice your sourdough and get her toasted up nice.

  2. Sauté your capers in a pan with olive oil and a little of the caper juice for 1 minute. We just want them to soften a little.

  3. Portion out your cream cheese in a bowl. Add your scallions and capers (+ the juice in the pan). Take a fork to mash it all together.

  4. Spread your scallion-caper cream cheese on your bread.

  5. Top with smoked salmon.

  6. Crank a little pepper.

  7. Add your fresh dill on top.

And there you go!

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