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Michael Campo has worked as a content creator for the last fifteen years. Directing, producing, and writing a variety of content and marketing material. Michael always desires to create impact with the work he is a part of. In 2018 Campo launched the pilot iChooseHope part of the iChoose Series, and started his non profit organization centered around creating short impactful, educational content about individuals who have successfully overcome specific challenges in their life. The hope was that through these short cinematic testimonies, others who are struggling can see that they are not alone in their struggle and be reminded that we are always one choice away from changing our lives forever. Campo has created both long form documentaries that have won numerous awards around the world, as well as short form content and marketing material for large and small companies. Spending eleven years living in a half way house his father runs in Brooklyn New York, Michael really learned about people. The good the bad, and the ugly. This understanding gained over a decade, is what separates Michael from the rest of the crowd. His attention and knowledge around the “why” as well as coming from a broken home himself, gives him the edge that makes his work so impactful.



An inspirational short film from filmmaker and All Sober contributor Michael Campo

Michael Campo
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