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What Does Opioid Withdrawal Feel Like?

And how you can get through it. Learn more from this Psych Hub video

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"Every cell in my body hurt." That's how one person describes the experience of opioid withdrawal. When the body becomes accustomed to opioid use, whether with prescription medications like OxyContin and Vicodin or illegal drugs like heroin, it is painful to reduce or cease it. Withdrawal can feel like a bad case of the flu: Sweating, trembling, muscle aches, nausea, anxiety, agitation and other symptoms are common. The simplest "cure," obviously and unfortunately, is taking more opioids.

But the good news is that unlike alcohol withdrawal, opioid withdrawal is not life-threatening. And like alcohol withdrawal, there are effective treatments for controlling opioid withdrawal, helping those with opioid use disorder to begin recovery. This Psych Hub video gives a good overview of the basics.

Source: Psych Hub

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