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My WHY is my Dharma, it combines my passion for people, my expertise in strategy and goal setting and my commitment to serve. There are no trade secrets, there are no tricks, there is no playbook. Discover your WHY. If you ever desperately want something just ask yourself WHY. And ask yourself WHY again. And ask yourself WHY 5 more times until you discover your REAL WHY. Discover your real motive, your real driver, your real objection. We spend too much of our lives overcoming false objections, navigating through smoke and mirrors and it is only when we uncover what is behind the curtains, that we can truly solve and achieve our goals.


'High-Functioning' vs. HIGH-FUNCTIONING

Louise Barnett had a high-flying career, but true fulfillment eluded her. So she broke the cycle of her drinking

'High-Functioning' vs. HIGH-FUNCTIONING
Louise Barnett


I can’t really pinpoint the moment my drinking left the realm of "normal." I thought to have a "problem" I needed to be taking shots at 8 a.m., or lose my job, or land myself in jail. My reality, at the time, is that I was successful and I was living life to my greatest potential.

I was raising a child as a single mum while my career grew and flew me weekly to places like Aruba, Chicago, San Francisco, Vegas and London. Every morning, religiously, at 5 a.m. I worked out on my #Peloton, I was always on the latest fad diet, and my Facebook page certainly depicted the life of perfection ...

Each evening I told myself, "just one glass" and each morning, like clockwork, I woke at 3 a.m. in a sweaty panic of regret, my heart pounding out of my chest and my mind racing with horror and shame. The farther I got from myself, the farther I became from loving myself. Twenty years I spent unraveling my own happiness. Twenty years I spent living life like I didn’t matter. I hated the conversations in my head and I hated myself.

So, I stopped ... I broke my cycle. I stopped the noise, the chatter, the mental anguish. Slowly, I implemented tiny habits in my life. I drowned myself in self-development. I started a morning routine, meditating and journaling, and showered myself with endless self-love and affirmations. Before I knew it, I looked back and not only had I found freedom and liberation from alcohol, I had found love for myself. Everything fell into place. 

If you feel trapped in a vicious cycle, let me tell you from experience, you are not alone and you are never truly trapped!

You can wake up tomorrow and make the choice to enhance your life with new habits and, most importantly, love the person staring back at you in the mirror.

It is not easy, it takes time, support is critical, and you have to put in the work, but I PROMISE YOU, it’s worth it!

I am here to support you, I am on your team, I am by your side. Y.O.U. are worth it and Y.O.U. are loved! 


Louise Barnett

(Photo caption: Same fall festival, two different years, two very different women.)

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