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If you or someone you love is in treatment for addiction or in recovery, you may want to consider hiring a recovery coach to help the person establish and maintain a sober life. A coach’s guidance can significantly increase the chances of a sustained recovery and smooth the path toward a life of promise and fulfillment. We’re pleased to say that All Sober can connect you with one of our recovery coaches to help you or your loved one along the journey toward a brighter, sober future. Contact us here or call us at 1-866-417-6237 to get started!

So, what is a recovery coach?

A recovery coach is a qualified, certified professional in the recovery field. Our coaches have deep knowledge of every aspect of addiction and recovery, including detailed knowledge of the drug and alcohol treatment process. Recovery coaches also have a wealth of contacts in the recovery community and an intimate understanding of the challenges and rewards of sober life. A recovery coach will be there to act as a role model, mentor, advocate and motivator to the person in recovery; with a coach’s help, you or your loved one can learn to avoid relapse, achieve long-term sobriety and lead an enriching life.

How a recovery coach can help you or your loved one

A recovery coach can help people no matter what stage of the recovery process they’re in. For the person in recovery, the coach can:

  • Provide recovery education, support and inspiration for every phase of the journey, from treatment into longer-term recovery and sober life. This support is always tailored to suit your needs. Our coaches will guide you, advise you and help you see that recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is possible, sustainable — and empowering.
  • Help you identify your personal goals, strengths and weaknesses in your recovery, as well as any barriers to recovery that you feel may exist. The recovery coach will then develop a plan to help you sustain your sobriety and create the sober life of your dreams.
  • Research and identify professional counselors or outpatient treatment programs, so you can have continued professional care after you leave inpatient treatment.
  • Help you establish yourself in a recovery community where people who are in recovery themselves can guide and mentor you, allowing you to learn from their experiences. This may include identifying and helping you engage with support groups such as AA, NA, CA or other 12-step programs. When you attend meetings and make connections in these communities, you’ll be surrounded by support, enthusiasm and accountability as you start your journey into sober life.
  • Identify and connect you to other resources that can help you establish and maintain your sobriety. These may include educational, vocational, social, cultural and spiritual resources that can empower you to lead your best sober life.
  • Provide guidance and support as you navigate the challenges of returning to work or school, sober, and guide you as you rebuild the relationships that have been affected over the years, both personal and professional.
  • Maintain contact by phone and email and be available to you as needed throughout your coaching.

Contact Us About a Recovery Coach

Please call 1-866-417-6237 or contact us here, and our trained coaches will be available to provide more details about the recovery coaching process and how it can help you or your loved one make the most of sobriety. Get in touch with a recovery coach right here on the All Sober platform by clicking the link below. You or your loved one should be proud of doing the courageous work of getting sober — now it's time to launch a new life!

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