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5 Ideas for a Sober Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Whether the great outdoors or spa days are more your speed, check out this guide to getting up to no good—sober

5 Ideas for a Sober Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
All Sober Editor
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Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party while in recovery is no easy task. But there are still plenty of fun group activities that aren’t centered around drugs and alcohol! 

1) Get outside: Nothing beats a beautiful day in the great outdoors! Gather a group of friends and organize a weekend of camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing or whatever else gets you inspired. No matter where you live, there is so much to explore and do in the hundreds of national and state parks, forests and lakes that are scattered all over the country. Whether your group is adventurous enough to tackle long hikes and camping in the wilderness, or is more inclined to do an easy bike ride along the coastline, a fun weekend in the great outdoors can be planned to have a little something for everyone. 

2) Explore a new city: Pick a new city or town you’ve been wanting to explore! Whether it’s museums, a vibrant art and music scene, or a foodie capital you’re after, picking an exciting new place to try can be a fun way to spend a long weekend. Check out our All Sober city-specific guides if you need more inspiration! 

3) Spa day: Nothing beats a day of R&R at the spa! Check with your local spas and wellness centers, as many offer group discounts for services such as massages, facials and more. 

4) Volunteer: This one may not be for everyone, but if you have a group of friends who all want to give back, finding a cause you can dedicate a portion of your bachelor or bachelorette party time to can be incredibly rewarding. 

5) Group classes: Pottery class? Cooking class? Painting class? Check, check, check! Get your group together to spend an afternoon learning a new skill. 

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