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Best Podcasts About Recovery

Check out some of our favorite podcasts about all things recovery

Best Podcasts About Recovery
Merrick Murdock

Below is a list of some of our favorite podcasts about all things recovery. You can find these at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Amazon, iHeartRadio and more!

Recovery Elevator—Find Your Better You: Paul Churchill shares his own struggles and triumphs in recovery from alcoholism. Churchill tells his own story, as well as others', hitting on topics related to addiction and recovery. Getting sober is just the beginning of the adventure! 

The Sober Therapist (recovery and mental health therapy): Clinical counselor and master coach Lynn Matti offers helpful discussions and tips on stress, addiction, codependency, relationship problems and more. 

Mindful Recovery: Hosted by Robert Cox, therapist and coach. The podcast is devoted to helping individuals struggling with trauma and addictions. Mindfulness is a research-based method for dealing with anxiety and trauma. This podcast provides practice, education and support for healing. 

The Bubble Hour: Hosted by recovery author Jean McCarthy (Unpickled), featuring real stories, real hope, in a safe place (bubble), directed primarily to those people in early recovery. 

Recovery Happy Hour: Inspiring stories of recovery from alcohol addiction and the gray area of alcohol abuse. Hosted by Tricia Lewis. 

Refuge Recovery: Addiction and recovery utilizing Buddhist principles to empower recovery from substance use disorders. Dharma talks enlighten the mind to develop outside addiction confines. 

The Recovery Show—Finding Serenity Through 12-Step Recovery in Al-Anon: Podcast episodes feature principles of the Al-Anon program to support those dealing with loved ones facing challenges related to addiction.

SMART Recovery Podcasts: Expert talks that focus on the science of addiction. The aim of the podcasts is to give listeners self-empowerment to manage their substance use disorders. 

Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery: Recovery advocate, author and Hazelden Foundation spokesperson William C. Moyers leads discussions with addiction and recovery experts on the science of addiction, treatment options, support systems, and the convergence of trauma and addiction. 

SHE RECOVERS Podcast: Founders Dawn Nickel and Taryn Strong host a collection of audio posts, interviews and recorded talks specially curated for a community of women seeking recovery from substance use disorders and other behavioral health issues. 

That Sober Guy: Shane Ramer shares highlights and principles from his 90-day sober living courses for men. 

The Addiction Podcast: Each episode features a guest sharing their experience from active drug addiction to recovery. Hosted by a former heroin addict, Nicholas Bush.

Sober Is Dope: The Sober Rapper aka Pop Buchanan spotlights topics related to recovery and interviews with sober influencers. 

SoberCast (unofficial): Alcoholics Anonymous podcast series featuring AA speakers and workshops. 

The Addicted Mind: Understanding addiction from a research and treatment perspective to provide individuals and families with reliable information. Hosted by Duane Osterlind. 

My Child & Addiction: Parent-to-parent support group discussions sharing stories of struggle and hope dealing with their children’s substance use disorders. 

Rehab Confidential: founder Joe Schrank teams with bestselling author Amy Dresner (My Fair Junkie) to bring unique perspectives on addiction, recovery and rehab. Includes interviews with experts and leaders in the fields of addiction, treatment and policy. 

Dopey—The Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction: Two guys meet in rehab, start a podcast, and one of them dies from a fentanyl overdose four years later, leaving Dave to carry on. A hugely successful podcast that brings plenty of the gallows humor recovering addicts appreciate and features lots of sober celebrity interviews. 

Breaking Free—Your Recovery, Your Way: Co-hosts Liv and Tiffany serve up lively discussions on topics and research relating to issues surrounding addiction and recovery. Podcasts also feature interviews with other leaders in the field of healing and thriving in recovery. 

In Recovery With Dr. Nzinga Harrison: Psychiatrist and addiction specialist Nzinga Harrison presents weekly podcasts featuring elements of a comprehensive and compassionate model of addiction treatment that looks beyond the first 28 days to focusing on supporting recovery.










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