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Just in Time for the Holidays: All Sober's Swag Shop Is Open!

Think recovery is possible, drug-free is sexy, and want the world to know? Check out our brand new online store for hats, hoodies, shirts and sober merch!

Just in Time for the Holidays: All Sober's Swag Shop Is Open!
All Sober Editor

Did you get sober just so that you could rock a sharp "Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll" black crew-neck tee? Probably not. But the fact that you can is certainly a nice little extra perk of sobriety.

Welcome to All Sober's All Swag shop, home of the finest fits for the discerning dresser in recovery. If you're sober, stylish and want to make a statement, look no further for high-quality T-shirts, hooded pullovers and baseball caps in all sizes. Perfect for the sober, the sober curious, the sober ally and someone sober's special someone!

"We’ve developed All Sober swag to celebrate everybody in recovery and allow them to tell the world that they are not only sober, but are proud of it! As they should be!" says Flora Nicholas, cofounder and Chief Vision Officer of All Sober.

With an array of different empowering slogans to choose from and kicky options in both black and white, you may want to pick up a few to mix and match an all-weather sober ensemble that's sure to turn heads and start conversations. What better way to telegraph that you know "Recovery Is Possible," at the gym, at a concert or just kicking back with friends? You might be surprised at the fellow-travelers on the road to recovery you'll meet.

All Sober T-shirts


"I want people to see our swag as symbols of hope and powerful anti-stigma statements," says Paul Gayter, All Sober cofounder and Chief Creative and Product Officer. "And you thought you were just buying a T-shirt!"

All Sober hat and T-shirt

Check out the All Swag shop, and get the look!

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