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Rock 'n' Roll Lifer Matt Pinfield's New Podcast: 'Sound, Sobriety and Success'

With 14 years of sobriety, the longtime host of MTV's "120 Minutes" brings his frank, conversational style to a new platform, interviewing artists and personalities who champion recovery

Rock 'n' Roll Lifer Matt Pinfield's New Podcast: 'Sound, Sobriety and Success'
All Sober Editor

After more than three decades in the music scene, Matt Pinfield knows far more than most about the pleasures—and perils—of the hard-rock life. His résumé places him in the middle of the action year after year: host of MTV's alt-rock staple 120 Minutes from 1995 to 1999, Columbia Records A&R executive from 2001 to 2006, inspiration for the Killers' 2004 single "All These Things That I've Done."

But 14 years ago, Pinfield decided to change channels on his personal life, getting sober from drugs and alcohol. "I have a responsibility to my health; I decided to fix my problem," he explained of his recovery. "I’m going to do this. It feels good to me. It’s the right thing."

In the years since, Pinfield has done a lot more things to inspire recovery and sober life in others who may need help, getting involved in a variety of recovery and mental health advocacy organizations. Earlier this year, he revealed his latest act in sobriety: a new podcast called Sound, Sobriety and Success.

Every few weeks, Pinfield welcomes a guest on his show to talk openly and candidly about the struggles of addiction and the possibilities that open up in recovery. Expanding beyond the music focus of his past and current radio and TV gigs, Pinfield has brought in voices from sports, television and addiction treatment—though sober singers, guitarists, drummers and producers make appearances as well.

In recent episodes, Pinfield has talked opioids and role models with Darren Prince, agent to sports megastars; food issues and mental health in acting with This Is Us star Chrissy Metz; alcohol, artistry and fame with Backstreet Boy AJ McClean; and wake-up calls and recovery communities with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Ricky Byrd.

Check out Sound, Sobriety and Success on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify. Plus, follow Matt Pinfield's page on All Sober to read his insights on music and sobriety, and to get the heads-up on new podcast episodes, videos and events.

Photo: Courtesy of Matt Pinfield

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