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Carol Weis

Carol WeisCarol Weis

Carol Weis is a freelancer who writes about addiction and recovery, mental and emotional health, single parenting, and relationships and divorce, in hopes of helping others struggling with these issues.

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Carol Weis, who became a writer when she got sober, has been an actor, teacher, professional

cook and baker, to name a few things she’s done. Her writing has appeared in the New York

Times, Washington Post, AARP, Independent, Good Housekeeping, Salon, The Fix, ESPN,

Ravishly, and numerous other venues, and has been read as commentary on NPR. She’s the

author of the memoir, STUMBLING HOME: Life Before and After That Last Drink, published

by Heliotrope Books, the Simon & Schuster picture book, When the Cows Got Loose, and the

poetry chapbook, Divorce Papers, which led her to develop a writer-in-residence program called

“Poems Have Feelings, Too!” She’s also working on a memoir with her daughter, about their

struggles as a sober single mom and teen.

Carol is a Jersey girl who now lives in Massachusetts. She’s been sober for 32 years. When she's

not writing, you can find her pedaling down the rail trail or strolling around taking photos of

things that catch her eye. You can follow Carol on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


Stumbling Home: Life Before and After That Last Drink

Carol Weis bares herself in her debut memoir, in which she unveils her two lives, before and after

Stumbling Home: Life Before and After That Last Drink
Carol Weis


A Message From the Author

If you or someone you love may be drinking more than usual to relieve the stress and fear the news cycle produces or to push down painful feelings and issues from the past, perhaps my story will help. —Carol


What happens to a child who's abandoned
       intentionally or not
            when she grows up?

A girl whose early years are rife
with anger and fear
who confuses trouble with fun
and who's terrified of being left again?

She ends up drinking and drugging
way more than she should
seeking to obliterate her past
sleeping with every Tim, Rich, and Henry
with her claws ever extended
eventually marrying a guy she snags
who consumes as much as she does
fathers her child
and fulfilling her fears
leaves her when she gets sober
unable to do so himself.

This woman-child stumbles and falls
over and over again
                       until finally
             she picks herself up
and stumbles home.

Copyright © 2021 Carol Weis
Cover by Carol Weis with Heliotrope Books


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