All Sober All-Stars

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Benjamin Lerner Benjamin Lerner

Benjamin Lerner

The composer, writer, radio host—and now rapper—shares original songs, sobriety tips and raw experiences from recovery

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Wes Geer Wes Geer

Wes Geer

After a near-fatal overdose, the former Hed PE and Korn guitarist now hosts Rock to Recovery Radio

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Ricky Byrd Ricky Byrd

Ricky Byrd

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee with 30-plus years of sobriety sings about his own addiction and recovery experience

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Martha Davis Martha Davis

Martha Davis

The Motels singer-songwriter lost her daughter to opioid addiction, and she has become a voice for recovery. Listen to her songs about love and loss

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John Lehr John Lehr

John Lehr

The comedian and original Geico caveman brings laughs and wisdom to addiction recovery

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Andrew Bryant Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant

The Southern punk and former Water Liars rocker quit drinking and embraced sobriety during the pandemic

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