12th Step, LLC

I suffered from addiction for many years and I have family members who currently suffer from addiction. I know the pain and isolation that comes with addiction and I want so badly to let others know there is hope and recovery is possible. I want to connect with others and be a part of their recovery story. Here is the problem. Family members want to show support, but often don't know how. Treatment centers get care packages periodically, but unfortunately they have to open the packages to see if there is anything triggering or counterproductive in facilitating recovery. Families and patients then feel hurt or angry that their package was opened and items confiscated. Here is the other problem; over 50% of people going through recovery do not have support beyond the treatment center. Support outside of rehab is essential for recovery. We provide healing through connection with pre-approved care packages! Join us in sharing hope to so many who need it so much right now.

Who We Are

Tom Tenney is the CEO and Founder of 12th Step. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Psychology and Organizational Behavior. After serving as a therapeutic foster parent and Academic Counselor for four years Tom completed his M.B.A at University of Phoenix. It was while serving as Chief Experience Officer of an addiction treatment center that Tom found what was missing in the recovery process.


Send a pre-approved care package to inspire feelings of hope, self-worth and healing to those on their journey to addiction recovery. 


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