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Certified Professional Coach, Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist.

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For more than 33 years, Shireen has been sought after as a force in the field of mental health and chemical dependency. Her numerous credentials include Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LAADC), and Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist (CRPS).

Professionally, Shireen has organized and facilitated numerous panels and workshops on a variety of topics, bringing awareness, prevention and resources to the recovery and mental health communities. Shireen has more than three decades of experience helping people heal, shift and transform their lives. She has helped thousands of people increase their life satisfaction and move into healthy relationships, experience increased self-esteem, improve parenting skills, increase career satisfaction, and overcome substance and process addictions that include alcohol, substances, food, shopping and sex.

Her vast experience working in the entertainment industry includes positions at the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (AFTRA), Fox Film Corporation, Fox Sports Net and Capitol Records, and 18 years at MusiCares, the charitable arm of the Recording Academy (otherwise known as the organization that awards Grammys). Starting in 2004 in the role of an addiction recovery specialist, she moved up the ranks to senior director of mental health and addiction services, addressing crisis situations and various needs of music professionals nationwide.

After many years in the entertainment industry, Shireen decided to widen her reach to be able to offer her experience and skills to people from all walks of life, and successfully created her coaching and consulting practice.




“My recovery means everything to me, as I am living a life beyond my wildest dreams as a sober woman and doing things I never thought possible. Sobriety has given me the courage, tools, experiences and proof that anything can happen if you do the work to stay sober and help others. Today, I keep looking at my life and the human being that I am, and it blows me away! I ask myself often, who the hell is this woman that I see in the mirror, as this was a completely different person with no hope, no self-esteem or self-worth prior to getting sober. Today all I see are continuous miracles.” 
 Shireen Janti