From Addiction to All Sober

In 2018, as a result of the journey of a loved one through addiction and into recovery, we, the founders of All Sober, were inspired to create a business and a movement that would provide badly needed solutions for the millions of people suffering from addiction and their loved ones, and increase the chances of sustainable sobriety. Each of us has had a family member who has suffered from this terrible disease, so we are determined to use our professional skills and expertise to make a difference.

Addiction: The Sobering Facts and the Impact of the Pandemic

The problem of addiction impacts millions of Americans one American dies nearly every five minutes from a drug overdose, with more than 106,000 deaths in 2021. 192 million Americans (59% of the population) have an addiction problem, need treatment, or have a friend or family member who needs treatment (2018). There is a $740 billion per year cost to the U.S. from harmful alcohol, drug and tobacco use, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the problem immensely, and many Americans are still feeling its effects. Data from April 2020 showed a 1000% increase in calls to substance use disorder and mental health hotlines (Kaiser Foundation), a 65% increase in clients seeking mental health services in one month (Talkspace Telemedicine), a 393% increase in treatment seekers and a 200% increase in treatment providers between early March and late April 2020 ( Additionally, every 1% rise in unemployment leads to a 3.6% rise in addiction (Well Being Trust, April 2020). The need for action is urgent.

The Needs of People Suffering From Addiction — and Their Families and Friends Are Not Being Met

We have interviewed people suffering from addiction, their families and friends, medical professionals, and others. We have learned, through their experiences and our own, that although millions are trying to get sober and loved ones are desperate to help, stigma and shame are pervasive, and there are problems at every stage of the recovery process and beyond. Solutions are siloed, fragmented, highly specialized, not available on the scale that the problem demands, or simply nonexistent.

All Sober’s Mission, Corporate Structure and Philanthropy

Our mission therefore is to provide people suffering from addiction and their loved ones with ALL the connections, information and resources they need as they journey through recovery; to end the stigma and shame; to inspire people to lead and celebrate a sober life; and to help fund treatment for those who can’t afford it. All Sober™ is a public benefit corporation, and a portion of all earnings will be donated to the All Sober Foundation and used to benefit the public by helping fund treatment for those who can’t afford it.

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