Mental Health

Family members in a counseling session

Help Them Help You: Explaining Your Mental Health to Your Family

Your mental health can affect — and be affected by — your loved ones. Here's how to discuss it with them so everyone can heal.

Hand dipping paintbrush into palette

The Power of Creativity on Mental Health — For Veterans and Everyone Else

Art therapy and creative expression are formidable tools for addressing addiction issues and mental health disorders. They're also fun!

Person walking on path into mountains

Navigating Mental Health Issues in Recovery: Part of Journey

Dealing with co-occurring disorders like depression or PTSD in recovery takes courage. Our message for Mental Health Awareness Month? There's every reason to have hope.

Happy woman with child on her back

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction: Recovery Is Possible

Substance use disorders frequently co-occur with this mood disorder, which impacts around 7 million American adults. But have hope: Today, both are more treatable than ever.

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Seasonal Affective Disorder in Recovery: How To Overcome SAD, Sober

Winter (or summer) depression is real, and can be a real burden on recovery. Understand what it is and learn some tools for pulling through it.

Woman at computer at work

How To Respond When an Employee Shares a Mental Health Challenge

The workplace can be a huge factor in mental health, and recovery is part of that for some. Follow these guidelines from the SHRM to show up for your employees while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Person holding a neon heart

Are You a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’? Here’s Why It Matters in Recovery

Being perceptive and compassionate is hardly a disorder. But HSPs should be mindful of certain needs and pressures when navigating the road to successful recovery.

Veteran in a therapy session

Somatic Interventions Help Veterans With PTSD. Can They Aid Recovery Too?

Trauma can be devastating and extremely hard to shake. But an unconventional new body-focused therapy technique shows promise. Here's how it works.

Spilled paper coffee cup

Is It Normal To Be This Anxious in Recovery?

Things will feel very raw at first, no doubt, but as you progress, you can learn some simple methods for coping with everyday anxiety or get help if the issue is more severe.

Veterans thriving in group therapy

Post-Traumatic Growth: Veterans, Recovery and Hope

Trauma comes in many forms, but so does recovery. Vets who have experienced PTG are inspiring others while progressing on their own journeys.

Fist crushing plastic bottle

Why Alcohol and Anxiety Don’t Mix

Anxiety disorders are extremely common, and alcohol can make them worse. All Sober's Dr. Paulo Negro explains how anxiety can lead to alcohol use disorder — and how people can get help.

Friend comforting another sitting by a lake with boats

Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders: Understanding What’s Going On

About half of people who suffer from one type of disorder will experience the other, and vice versa. Learn about co-occurring disorders.

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