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Family members in a counseling session

Help Them Help You: Explaining Your Mental Health to Your Family

Your mental health can affect — and be affected by — your loved ones. Here's how to discuss it with them so everyone can heal.

Woman consoling a woman

When and How To Hold an Intervention

Understand the process, make your loved one feel cherished and supported, and you can all begin to heal.

Two people holding hands

Substance Use and Suicide: Finding Help and Hope

It's not talked about enough: Drugs and alcohol play a major role in suicides. But there are many paths out of despair. A top psychologist shares some important guidance.

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Supporting Your Partner or Spouse in Recovery

And vice versa. Communication, honesty, encouragement — and maybe some therapy — will help both of you repair the damage of addiction.

Neon sign reading, Do something great

How To Be a Superstar Sober Ally

It is a very fine thing in life to never battle addiction. But it's even finer to stand beside those who have. Here's how to get started.

Mother, father and two kids on a hiking trail

Addiction Impacts the Whole Family, But Recovery Heals. Here’s How

In active addiction, the pain gets spread around. But your loved one needs your support in recovery, difficult as the dynamics may be. Our guide to getting better together.

Person consoling a man

Is My Friend or Loved One Going Through Addiction?

How can I tell, and what can I do to help? A supportive, compassionate presence is a difference-maker to those suffering addiction or starting recovery. Here's how you can be one.

All Sober Executive Vice President of Addiction and Recovery Maeve O'Neill

A Child of Addiction Learns To Thrive

All Sober EVP of Addiction and Recovery Maeve O'Neill reflects on the messages and mentors that helped her understand her childhood and inspired her life's work.

Vanna White at the Wheel of Fortune board

The Old Way Didn’t Work: Solving Problems in Recovery

Open communication and taking ownership aren't easy, but get to know them, and you can do some real repair work. Here's how.

Two elves on a shelf

Be Merry and Bright: Celebrating the Holidays With Sober Family and Friends

Make your festivities inclusive and inviting for sober loved ones! All Sober's Maeve O'Neill shares some tips on being a supportive sober ally and welcoming host.

Three teenage boys having fun without drugs

Helping Teens Cope With Change — Without Drugs and Alcohol

From parental divorce to school closures, unwelcome life changes are distressing for adolescents; some turn to substances. Guide them toward healthy emotional responses instead.

Statue holding head in hand

What NOT To Say to Sober Friends

You may be completely supportive of their decision! But some comments, even if well-intentioned, can be intrusive or demoralizing. All Sober's Merrick Murdock shares tips on talking sobriety.

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