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Ethics and Compliance Code

All Sober is a Public Benefit Company that has been created to generate social and public good for the millions of Americans impacted by drug and alcohol addiction. Our platform is free to all consumers so that everybody, no matter their economic status, can benefit from all the resources, connections and information that All Sober provides. In developing and launching All Sober, we are driven by our mission, vision, and values to provide an informational, educational, and supportive platform.  In that regard, we follow a strict code of ethics and we require ourselves and everyone who works for us and with us to follow both the letter and the spirit of applicable laws and regulation. For instance, Information Privacy is important to us, and we make every reasonable effort to provide a secure platform and ensure data will never be shared without our users’ consent. Although HIPAA and the 42 CFR confidentiality regulations may not directly apply to our offering, we take seriously our users’ privacy and abide by a posted Privacy Policy which is available for review on our website and app. Safety on our site is critical so we use both internal and external monitoring to allow us to intervene in case of any problematic actions by users. Once identified, users can be blocked, suspended or banned altogether which helps ensure our platform is safe for all those who use it. With regard to our content, we have a team of clinical and medical professionals committed to providing high quality and reliable information that meets the highest standard of care in our field and all the original content in our Help and Information section has been vetted by professionals before it is published. We also provide, for free, a searchable database of treatment centers that has been pulled directly from SAMHA’s platform. To help our site visitors to further ensure that they are being guiding to the best possible treatment centers, we also provide filters that will allow site visitors to search by a variety of certifications and accreditations – including
  • State treatment licensing agency
  • State mental health department
  • State department of health
  • Commission on accreditation of rehabilitation facilities
  • Federally qualified health center
  • The Joint Commission
Additionally we also provide Google ratings and a list of key questions for our site visitors to ask of treatment centers so that they are well informed as they make key decisions about where to get treatment. Finally, we are only too aware of the deceptive practices that have given many entities in the treatment industry a bad name. So, we can assure all our site visitors of the following: We are an independent entity and are not owned by a treatment center; we do not engage in deceptive marketing practices; we are compliant with the requirements of the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark Law as well as applicable state anti-kickback and patient referral laws and we do not offer, receive or make payment to or from any treatment center or healthcare service provider as a “kickback” or referral fee. We hope the information provided here informs you about the ethical standards to which we, at All Sober, hold ourselves daily. If you have any questions or concerns, or need to report any ethical issues that you perceive, please contact

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