Ben Tuff



In 2012, Ben made the life-altering decision to break free from the hold that addiction to alcohol had on him. Despite the fact that he did not know how to swim, the sport of triathlon arrived in his life soon after.

After seven years of competitive triathlon, Ben made the switch to marathon swimming. After many crossings in Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay from Newport to Jamestown on Save the Bay swims, Ben throttled it up with the 12.5-mile FKCC Swim Around Key West.

After that, Ben could not stop and completed a 21-mile swim around Jamestown, a 19-mile swim from Block Island to Jamestown, and most recently, a swim down the full length of the Narragansett Bay—24 miles from Providence to Jamestown.

Swimming has played an essential role for Ben in overcoming his alcohol addiction.

“In the beginning, swimming was a struggle to stay afloat. Now swimming for me is my escape. As I improved my skills, I finally learned that that is where I did my praying. That is where I did my thinking. That is where I let it out.”
Ben Tuff


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