Having a deep relationship with creating music was great for me throughout life. It kept me alive MANY nights when I was in my darkest places of life. However, it wasn’t until I found recovery that I was truly aligned with my potential. I’ve been in recovery four years now, and since then I have accomplished milestones I’d never dreamed of achieving. But most importantly, I’ve achieved growth. Not only in music but in life.

I went from a Baltimore junkie to a father, a husband, a sponsor, a mentor, an inspiration and a man that I’ve become proud of being. 

Recovery to me means the ability to make it through a day without thinking about a substance or having a want to get outside myself. It is the gift of being comfortable in my own skin regardless of any situation, a long and continuously rewarding process that takes you through the wreckage, allowing you to stand on top of it all a better person.

Recovery is the gift of that little feeling you get when no one is watching, but newfound integrity allows you to do the right thing. THE GIFT OF LIFE: That’s what recovery means to me.

"ANYTHING is possible if you just keep going.”


The I Am Cricchi Interview | Overcoming Drug Addiction, Texas Rap Scene, New Music and more


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