Comedian Sarge is an entertainer who has performed worldwide to adoring audiences. He delights comedy lovers with humor that resonates with all ages. And he is much more than a comedian — Sarge is also a self-taught piano savant, an author and a motivational speaker. His humor comes from a very personal place, as his road to success was not a smooth one.

Sarge graduated from the all-boys South Kent School in the spring of 1979; he received an award for his musical talents while also lettering in football. He then attended Boston University’s School of Public Communication. After a short stint as a talent representative, the stage was calling, and Sarge enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

From this point forward, Sarge would no longer represent talent — he would be the talent. To make ends meet, he wrote, produced and performed for Fox’s wildly successful “The Best Damn Sports Show Period,” as well as being as a nationally syndicated radio host for Fox Sports Radio and working extensively for ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” and CBS Sports. “The NFL Today” host Greg Gumbel encouraged Sarge to “be a comedian — you’re too funny, too creative and too bright not to go for a comedy career.”

Sarge moved to his best buddy’s pullout sofa in New York to embark on a career in stand-up comedy. And comedy was calling him. One night while Don Rickles was killing the crowd, Sarge watched the audience’s reaction to the comedian’s barbs and scathing monologue. At that moment, he set his sights on becoming a professional comedian. In fact, today he is often compared to Rickles, largely due to his rapid-fire, off-the-cuff style of hilarious observational comedy. As he has proved hundreds of times, Sarge has the rare ability to create an uproarious and moving 90-minute comedic performance on the spot by just walking into a room.

After playing clubs and colleges all over America for three years, Sarge found himself opening for some of the biggest names in music — Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Paul Anka, The Beach Boys, The Four Tops, Taylor Dayne, Donna Summer and Wayne Newton, just to name a few. These high-profile gigs enabled Sarge’s act to evolve from a comedy appearance to an entertainment performance, because he learned to weave his own musical talents into his shows.

Today, Sarge is one of the highest-energy multitalented acts to tour. Not only a hysterical stand-up comedian, Sarge also sings in his own voice and in a dozen others, including Harry Connick Jr., Sammy Davis Jr., Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder. His dead-on impressions of Marv Albert, Mike Tyson, Kermit the Frog and Gilbert Gottfried leave audiences howling and clamoring for more.

Sober since 1990, Sarge has been working in treatment centers and recovery residences for the past seven years, bringing the groundbreaking modality of “comedy therapy” to people suffering from addiction, with incredible results. Last year, his first comedy recovery film, “Sarge Behind Bars” — shot entirely on location at the Casper, Wyoming, reentry prison — placed second at the REEL Recovery Film Festival in New York and Los Angeles. He is a proud father to his son and a loving husband, living in Florida.

“I was told that my recovery would be the first thing in my life that I would finish. Helping OTHERS to 'flip the switch' to turn on the light of freedom from addiction is not only a blessing and a calling — it's a G I F T in my life. It informs my existence and guides my thoughts and actions. 'Do as I do' is a very powerful direction — and it's in the taking of direction where the addicted person finds the MAGIC freedom from the shackles of vicious and ruthless addiction. Through a preponderance of simple and easy-to-do little actions, I have found an incredible clearing from fear and ridiculousness to peace and joy." "This has always been the promise of recovery, and through the taking of personal responsibility for my toxic actions, I get to share ownership of my phenomenal life with the very people who guided me out of the darkness into the light. GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE; practice, practice, practice. Thank you.”


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