Recovery Coach

Recovery Coach

If you or someone you love is in treatment for addiction or in recovery, you may want to consider hiring a recovery coach to help them establish and maintain a sober life.

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As we know that a coach’s guidance can significantly increase the chances of a sustained recovery, we have partnered with Malvern Behavioral Health to provide exceptional recovery coaches to help you and your family.

The Malvern Team are all licensed, certified and highly experienced individuals who have a deep knowledge of every aspect of addiction and recovery, an intimate understanding of the challenges and rewards of sober life and a wealth of contacts in the recovery community to share with you all — and they can act as a role model, mentor, advocate and motivator to your loved one.

We are proud to say that Malvern’s Team have helped thousands of people to avoid relapse, achieve long-term sobriety and lead an enriching life. And we’re confident they can help your loved one too.

Contact us About a Recovery Coach

If you are ready to learn more about how a Recovery Coach can help you and your loved one, call 1-866-417-6237 or contact us here and a Recovery Specialist will reach out to you to arrange a call.

You can also read more about Recovery Coaching and how it works right here.

Contact us today and give the person you love a chance to end their pain and stay on the road to recovery.

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