Ashley Treatment

For more than 38 years, Ashley Addiction Treatment has helped people find freedom from addiction with an empathetic approach to recovery based on its founders’ philosophies.  It started with a friendship.  Ashley Addiction Treatment co-founders Father Joseph C. Martin and Mae Ashley Abraham accidentally met at one of Father Martin’s award-winning “Chalk Talks” at Johns Hopkins University in 1964. Mae, who was struggling with alcoholism at the time, had come to hear a talk on alcoholism by Senator Harold Hughes. However, a Catholic priest came in the senator’s place — much to Mae’s disappointment as a devout Baptist. In the talk, Father Martin identified alcoholism as a disease, not a moral failing, and did so without preaching or demoralizing. That day, Mae was finally able to accept herself and her addiction.

Who We Are

Ashley has been a leader in addiction treatment for nearly 40 years. Because we are a non-profit treatment provider, our bottom line is always the health and recovery of our patients. As substance use disorder treatment has evolved, so have we. We embrace innovation and use every tool available to get the results our patients lives depend on. 

We offer specialized therapies led by full time Masters-level counselors and clinical psychologists that address: 

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Family Wellness
  • Grief
  • Relapse
  • Stress
  • Trauma

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Treatment services – our continuum of care

At Ashley, our priority is to help individuals and families heal from the damage caused by alcoholism and substance use disorders. We combine passionate care from trained clinical professionals with evidence-based treatment methods that heal the mind, body and spirit. Our programs are categorized into three different formats, depending on the need of the patient. Regardless of your circumstance, we will guide you into an individualized, effective program to begin your path to lasting recovery.


Food is part of Ashley’s approach to holistic care

Nutrition is fundamental to your health and recovery. Our staff dietician, professionally-trained chefs and kitchen staff provide a recovery-focused menu that strikes a balance between health and comfort. Patient meals incorporate lean proteins in varied cuisine styles and seasonal dishes made with farm-fresh, local ingredients. We can also tailor individual options based on medical needs or dietary requirements as needed. These options are personalized to provide optimal recovery support. 


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