Malvern Bethlehem

Malvern Treatment Centers have remained committed to providing quality services to those seeking our help. Our commitment to quality services and our focus on the individual in recovery. We have built on our tradition of addiction treatment services that began over 70 years ago by incorporating evidence-based interventions that include Medication Assisted Therapies, Motivational Interviewing, focused relapse-prevention, Seeking Safety, along with 12-step approaches.

Who We Are

Malvern Treatment Centers is the region’s longest-tenured private addiction treatment provider. For over 70 years, Malvern Treatment Centers has helped individuals and families struggling with addiction. We achieve treatment success through an unrivaled dedication to clinical care and innovative treatment solutions. We believe that holistic recovery is best served through a continuum of care. Malvern helps people through compassion and respect, inspiring hope and joy in recovery.


All of Malvern’s outpatient treatment centers are providing telehealth to keep patients engaged in treatment and their recovery process while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 spread. We are so proud of our outpatient clinicians, such as Sarah Roberts, who have been providing these telehealth services and ensuring that our clients receive the treatment they need!

Learn more about our telehealth services here.


Family Services at Malvern

Malvern provides focused recovery and compassionate care to individuals and their loved ones. Research shows that it is critical to acknowledge the various people impacted by untreated behavioral health issues and that substance-free lifestyles are directly linked to healthy relationships with family and community. Malvern provides a comprehensive, trauma-informed, systems approach that enhances emotionally sustaining relationships and healing. We recognize that substance use and behavioral health issues are life-threatening and can damage human connection and isolate those who we care about the most. Whether it be one’s partner, child, family member, or support person, Malvern engages loved ones and community members to begin repairing these connections.


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