12-Step Programs

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Easy Does It: Tips To Keep It Simple in Early Recovery

It's harder to make recovery work if you overwork yourself. Here's how to keep your focus on what matters now.

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Learning To Live Sober ‘One Day at a Time’

It sounds like a paradox: How will you reach long-term sobriety if you're focused "only" on today? A little perspective from the Buddha will clarify things …

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Finding a Sponsor, a Friend Who’s Been There

All support helps, but forming a bond with someone who has lived addiction and recovery brings a rare degree of understanding. Here's how the process works in 12-step programs.

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Maintaining Sobriety Needs One Crucial Ingredient

In early recovery, few things are more crucial than creating a support system. Here's how and why to learn whom you can lean on in tough times, from family to sobriety groups.

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Detaching From Fear

Fear, resentment, negativity: It’s no easy feat to shake them in recovery from addiction. One writer shares some sober wisdom on handling these feelings.

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Alternatives to Traditional 12-Step Programs

One size doesn’t fit all: In recent decades, effective alternatives to AA and NA have been providing different roads to recovery from addiction.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Recovery Support Meetings

What kinds of addiction recovery meetings are out there, and where can I find them? Answers to all your questions about meetings, support groups and how they work.

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