Addiction Psychology

Judy Grisel at a TEDx Talk on addiction

Never Enough — The Neuroscience of Addiction: TEDx Talk

Dr. Judy Grisel, a neuroscientist, person in recovery and author of the bestseller "Never Enough," explains how addiction can happen when the brain thinks "everything is bacon."

Friend comforting another sitting by a lake with boats

Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders: Understanding What’s Going On

About half of people who suffer from one type of disorder will experience the other, and vice versa. Learn about co-occurring disorders.

Therapist talking to male patient

Affordable Therapy for Addiction Recovery: How To Get It

There are now easy-to-find counseling and medication-assisted recovery options if you’re uninsured or tight on cash, says All Sober’s Maeve O’Neill.

An addiction counseling session

Q&A: Find an Addiction Counselor

What is your background? How often will we meet? Some key questions that will help you find the right addiction counselor for yourself or a loved one.

Man thinking about addiction and recovery

Understanding Addiction and Recovery

By understanding basic and complex human needs, we can better understand how addiction affects our brains and lives. And we can better aid recovery, too.

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