Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)

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The Health Myth of Alcohol in Moderation?

For decades, studies claimed that some alcohol consumption carried health benefits, but a new analysis finds their methodology was often flawed. Other recent research concludes no amount of alcohol is safe.

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Alcohol Addiction at Work: What Employers and Employees Should Know

Alcohol use disorder can cause problems at work — but many also suffer in secret. When workplaces can help employees address it with compassion, everyone benefits.

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How Much Alcohol Is Too Much — And How Can I Cut Back?

Knowledge is power, and April is Alcohol Awareness Month. What better time to learn how to be clear-eyed about your consumption? A few tips.

Cover of Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp

‘Drinking: A Love Story’ | All Sober Book Club

A modern classic of the addiction-memoir genre, Caroline Knapp's book is remarkable for giving shape to an extremely common but nearly untranslatable experience: What does addiction feel like?

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Why Alcohol and Anxiety Don’t Mix

Anxiety disorders are extremely common, and alcohol can make them worse. All Sober's Dr. Paulo Negro explains how anxiety can lead to alcohol use disorder — and how people can get help.

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Tools To Know: The Basics of Vivitrol, aka Naltrexone

The non-habit-forming medication can be highly effective in combating addiction to opioids and alcohol. Read up on it.

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For Those Who Have Both Mental Health and Alcohol Addiction Issues

It’s not talked about enough: Alcohol addiction and mental health issues present a dual threat, each aggravating the other. But help exists and recovery is possible

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Detaching From Fear

Fear, resentment, negativity: It’s no easy feat to shake them in recovery from addiction. One writer shares some sober wisdom on handling these feelings.

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Sobriety Is a SUPERPOWER

Chris Anthony, founder of The Sober Exec, shares lessons he learned in life and the workplace during 15 years of sobriety.

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Yes, You Can Be in Sales/Business and NOT Drink

The Sober Exec has some great advice for navigating — and thriving in — the workplace when you don’t drink. Here's what he’s learned.

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Through a Glass Darkly: A Journey Through Alcohol Addiction and Recovery

In the three decades during which author Kate Smith struggled with alcohol addiction, she tried just about everything. Now in recovery, she shares her story.

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The Best Thing That Sobriety Gave Back to Me

Sobriety and recovery bring a lot of surprising gifts over time, but when this author quit alcohol, she discovered a joy she never realized she missed.

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