Celebrating Recovery

Ultra marathon runner Charlie Engle

Ultra Marathoner Charlie Engle Runs 30 Hours To Celebrate 30 Years of Sobriety

The long-distance legend set off on a very hot trot to raise funds and awareness for addiction research and recovery initiatives; All Sober joined him on Instagram Live.

Text reading, 15 YEARS

15 Years of Sobriety: Things I’ve Learned

Chris Anthony, founder of The Sober Exec, shares lessons about recovery and life learned in his 15 years of sobriety.

Samuel L. Jackson and his wife, LaTayna Richardson

Samuel L. Jackson on His Addiction Battle and How His Family’s Love Changed His Life

The Pulp Fiction and Avengers megastar credits his wife with helping him recover from drug addiction early in his career. Watch the PeopleTV video interview

Desk light in a prison cell

Choices and Changes

Taylor Lee Jackson is serving a 67-month sentence, but she’s found a new foundation of hope — and 27 months of sobriety — in prison.

Louise Barnett, before and after

‘High-Functioning’ 🍸🍷🍺 vs. HIGH-FUNCTIONING 🧘🏻‍♀️✨🌱

Louise Barnett had a high-flying career, but true fulfillment eluded her. So she broke the cycle of her alcohol use.

Sliver of light through glass

Through a Glass Darkly: A Journey Through Alcohol Addiction and Recovery

In the three decades during which author Kate Smith struggled with alcohol addiction, she tried just about everything. Now in recovery, she shares her story.

Kacey Musgraves in the video for Rainbow

‘Rainbow’ by Kacey Musgraves

When you’re stuck in a storm, keep going. The country music star’s beautiful single will lift you up!

Poster for the film #iChooseHope


No matter our circumstances, we are always one choice away from a better life. Watch this inspirational short film from director Michael Campo.

Neon sign reading, SOBER

Getting Sober: I Wanted It for Myself

Getting and staying sober doesn’t always happen on your first try, but those attempts count for something. Micaela shares how she finally achieved sobriety.

Woman jumping to break free of chains

Recovery Is a Superpower and Representation Matters

When it comes to addiction and recovery, silence kills and openness saves, writes contributor Anne Bishop Shoup.

Logo reading, 32 years

Persistence: 32 Years of Continuous Sobriety

Persistence kept this memoirist drinking during dark years, but persistence has also kept her sober and motivated her to write books. Carol Weis shares her truth.

Brave, by Ruston Kelly

‘Brave’ by Ruston Kelly

Nashville singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly has been vocal about his struggles with addiction. Listen to his tribute to those who helped him get sober.

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