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Supporting Your Partner or Spouse in Recovery

And vice versa. Communication, honesty, encouragement — and maybe some therapy — will help both of you repair the damage of addiction.

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Call 988 for Help: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Gets New Dialing Code

The three-digit code for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline makes it easier to call, text or chat for quick, compassionate care during a mental health or substance use crisis.

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Quick Facts: What To Expect From Each Level of Addiction Treatment

Understand what's right for you or a loved one! There are a few basic types of care for substance use disorder: outpatient, residential, inpatient and more.

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Affordable Therapy for Addiction Recovery: How To Get It

There are now easy-to-find counseling and medication-assisted recovery options if you’re uninsured or tight on cash, says All Sober’s Maeve O’Neill.

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Need Help Now? Helpful Hotlines To Keep Handy

Finding help at the right time can make the difference. Here are some addiction and mental health hotlines that can provide help for you or your loved one.

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Understanding Treatment Options

Deciding to find treatment is the first step to recovery from addiction — and a happy, healthy future! Read this guide to detox, inpatient and outpatient programs to get started.

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Q&A: Find an Addiction Counselor

What is your background? How often will we meet? Some key questions that will help you find the right addiction counselor for yourself or a loved one.

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