Getting Sober

Person holding a neon heart

Are You a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’? Here’s Why It Matters in Recovery

Being perceptive and compassionate is hardly a disorder. But HSPs should be mindful of certain needs and pressures when navigating the road to successful recovery.

Veteran in a therapy session

Somatic Interventions Help Veterans With PTSD. Can They Aid Recovery Too?

Trauma can be devastating and extremely hard to shake. But an unconventional new body-focused therapy technique shows promise. Here's how it works.

Veterans thriving in group therapy

Post-Traumatic Growth: Veterans, Recovery and Hope

Trauma comes in many forms, but so does recovery. Vets who have experienced PTG are inspiring others while progressing on their own journeys.

Diver exploring a reef under the ocean surface

What Comes Next? Planning for Life After Treatment

It's a fresh, exciting, maybe-a-little-bewildering new day. Here's what to think about as you prepare to leave treatment and ponder: Who will I be?

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the NIDA

Answers to Common Questions About Drugs, Addiction and Where to Get Help

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, explains the basics of addiction and where to get help, in this video.

Woman on couch with remote control

Frequently Asked Questions About Sober Housing

Sober residences provide safe alcohol- and drug-free spaces to help you begin to build a recovery program. Read our FAQ about choosing one that fits.

Recovery support group meeting

Frequently Asked Questions About Recovery Support Meetings

What kinds of addiction recovery meetings are out there, and where can I find them? Answers to all your questions about meetings, support groups and how they work.

Illustration of addiction and the brain

How To Explain Addiction and the Brain to Kids

This kid-friendly video from the Addiction Policy Forum explains what happens when someone is struggling with substance use disorder.

Johann Hari at a TED Talk

Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong

What really causes addiction — from cocaine to smartphones? Bestselling author Johann Hari wonders if there might be a better way to tackle it.

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