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Easy Does It: Tips To Keep It Simple in Early Recovery

It's harder to make recovery work if you overwork yourself. Here's how to keep your focus on what matters now.

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Facing Down Addiction and Recovery Stigma in Everyday Life

In a perfect world, everyone would admire the feat of recovery — or at least mind their own business. Until then, here are a few tips for dealing with bad attitudes.

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Is a Sober Living House Right for My Recovery?

Going from addiction treatment to full-on "real life" in sobriety is daunting! Here's a resource that can smooth the transition.

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Who Cares? The Necessity of Accountability in Recovery

It's important to have someone to keep you honest — and sober — but accountability is also about partnership, community and mutual support. Recovery shouldn't be lonely.

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Recovery Through F.E.A.R.: Sounds Scary, But Doesn’t Have To Be

If you think recovery seems daunting, you're in the good company of everyone else who's ever tried it. It might help to keep a deceptively simple acronym in mind.

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Learning To Live Sober ‘One Day at a Time’

It sounds like a paradox: How will you reach long-term sobriety if you're focused "only" on today? A little perspective from the Buddha will clarify things …

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Finding a Sponsor, a Friend Who’s Been There

All support helps, but forming a bond with someone who has lived addiction and recovery brings a rare degree of understanding. Here's how the process works in 12-step programs.

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Affordable Therapy for Addiction Recovery: How To Get It

There are now easy-to-find counseling and medication-assisted recovery options if you’re uninsured or tight on cash, says All Sober’s Maeve O’Neill.

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Need Help Now? Helpful Hotlines To Keep Handy

Finding help at the right time can make the difference. Here are some addiction and mental health hotlines that can provide help for you or your loved one.

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