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I’m in Recovery and Ready To Work. What Do I Need To Know?

A job can bring serious benefits to your recovery, even beyond the financial ones. But it can also test you. If you understand a few things going in — or going back — you'll be golden.

Woman and man with coffee standing by the water cooler at work

Is Alcohol Big in Your Work Culture? Here’s How To Sidestep — Or Talk About It

The "Mad Men" era may be over, but some workplaces can still be particularly challenging in recovery. Some pointers on putting your sobriety first.

Men and women in a recovery-friendly workplace

The Benefits of a Recovery-Friendly Workplace

Also called a "recovery-ready workplace," it's a winning proposition for high-quality employers and employees alike.

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What Is a Recovery-Friendly Workplace?

And how can I create one at my company? Here's why and how implementing a work-life recovery program pays off.

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Kick-Start Your Career

In recovery and ready to work? Before you jump into the job market, create a career success plan to ensure you’re well prepared. Get tips from the author of "A Holistic Approach To Your Career."

Job interview with woman and man

10 Tips for Navigating Job Interviews After Addiction Recovery

Addressing time off for recovery can be daunting. This guide will help you prepare to answer any challenging questions during the interview process.

Women at a table in a recovery-friendly workplace

Removing Employment Barriers for Those in Early Recovery

Reentering the workforce can be daunting, but these companies offer second-chance employment opportunities for those in addiction recovery.

Woman with text reading, The Best Resume Strategy

4 Tips on How To Write a Standout Resume

Recovery or no, it always helps to have a standout resume when you’re job-hunting! Watch this video for some tips on polishing one up.

Woman and man during a job interview

10 Interview Questions Job Candidates Should Ask

Your responses to an interviewer's questions matter — but you get to ask questions too. When you're putting recovery from addiction first, it's important to ask the right ones.

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