Language Matters

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Facing Down Addiction and Recovery Stigma in Everyday Life

In a perfect world, everyone would admire the feat of recovery — or at least mind their own business. Until then, here are a few tips for dealing with bad attitudes.

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Why Language Matters When Talking About Addiction

"My laundry is 'clean' and 'dirty' — not people." In this video, the Addiction Policy Forum lays out how to use language that doesn't stigmatize or discourage those with substance use disorders.

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What NOT To Say to Sober Friends

You may be completely supportive of their decision! But some comments, even if well-intentioned, can be intrusive or demoralizing. All Sober's Merrick Murdock shares tips on talking sobriety.

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Addiction and substance use disorders are heavily stigmatized; the words we use to talk about them matter. Check out this helpful guide from the Recovery Research Institute.

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