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The White House

’20 Million Stories of Courage’: White House Summit on Recovery

Speakers laid out plans and challenges for battling the opioid epidemic, supporting young people in recovery, implementing recovery-friendly workplaces and much more.

Filmmaker Nick Verbitsky

Talk Sober Live: ‘Opioids, Inc.’ Documentary Filmmaker on Holding Pharma Accountable

Nick Verbitsky joined All Sober's Maeve O'Neill and Geoff Botak for a wide-ranging discussion about the future of addiction and a big hurdle yet to be overcome — stopping the bad actors of the opioid crisis.

Scientist working in a pharmaceutical lab

Watch ‘Opioids, Inc.,’ a Story of Corporate Greed, Fraud and Death by Fentanyl

Documentary producer Nick Verbitsky joined All Sober to discuss his startling account of Insys, a pharma company that bribed doctors to push a fentanyl spray now linked to hundreds of deaths.

Desk light in a prison cell

Choices and Changes

Taylor Lee Jackson is serving a 67-month sentence, but she’s found a new foundation of hope — and 27 months of sobriety — in prison.

Women at a table in a recovery-friendly workplace

Removing Employment Barriers for Those in Early Recovery

Reentering the workforce can be daunting, but these companies offer second-chance employment opportunities for those in addiction recovery.

Greyston Bakery exterior

4 Best Practices for Second-Chance Hiring

Some strategies that can help organizations make the best hires with the best outcomes. Make second-chance hiring part of your corporate culture.

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