Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)

Four Narcan nasal spray packages

FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Narcan Sales in Major Move To Curb Overdoses

A critical medication for preventing opioid overdose deaths will now be available on store shelves nationwide, no prescription needed.

Anthony Hipolito and Peter Attia talk about fentanyl

What the Fentanyl Crisis Actually Looks Like

The headlines are sensational, but many victims use fentanyl unknowingly and die quietly. Peter Attia hosts a Texas sheriff's deputy on his podcast to learn how we got here and what we can do.

Scientist working with lab materials

Finally, Some Good News in the Opioid Epidemic

Narcan, the lifesaving overdose prevention medication, may soon be available over the counter, and a vaccine against fentanyl is in development. Read up!

Facts about fentanyl infographic

The Facts About Fentanyl

The news may sometimes sensationalize this powerful synthetic opioid, but around two-thirds of all overdose deaths in the U.S. involve fentanyl — and many people take it without even knowing.

Filmmaker Nick Verbitsky

Talk Sober Live: ‘Opioids, Inc.’ Documentary Filmmaker on Holding Pharma Accountable

Nick Verbitsky joined All Sober's Maeve O'Neill and Geoff Botak for a wide-ranging discussion about the future of addiction and a big hurdle yet to be overcome — stopping the bad actors of the opioid crisis.

Scientist working in a pharmaceutical lab

Watch ‘Opioids, Inc.,’ a Story of Corporate Greed, Fraud and Death by Fentanyl

Documentary producer Nick Verbitsky joined All Sober to discuss his startling account of Insys, a pharma company that bribed doctors to push a fentanyl spray now linked to hundreds of deaths.

International Overdose Awareness Day: Take Action

Get Involved: Resources for International Overdose Awareness Day

On this day of remembrance and action, learn how everyone can help prevent overdoses and end the stigma.

Nurse checking computer for treatment options

Tools To Know: The Basics of Vivitrol, aka Naltrexone

The non-habit-forming medication can be highly effective in combating addiction to opioids and alcohol. Read up on it.

Man and woman holding hands

New CDC Findings: Drug Overdose Deaths Rise, Racial and Ethnic Disparities Widen

In just one year, death rates increased 44% for Black individuals, and 39% for American Indian and Alaska Native individuals.

Illustration of a woman suffering from opioid withdrawal

What Does Opioid Withdrawal Feel Like?

"Every cell in my body hurt" — that's how one person describes opioid withdrawal. But effective treatments are available. Learn more from this Psych Hub video.

Illustration of woman in pain getting an X-ray

Mental Health and Managing Chronic Pain

Long-term pain doesn't just hurt — it can impact mood, sleep and relationships, and be mismanaged with alcohol or opioids. But there are ways to feel better. Learn more from this Psych Hub video.

Illustration of pharmacy shelf with prescription bottles

What Are Opioids?

Oxycodone, fentanyl, heroin — some of these extremely powerful drugs are prescribed to treat pain, but all can be highly addictive. Learn more from this Psych Hub video.

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