Sober Housing

Diverse young people at a kitchen table in a sober living house

Is a Sober Living House Right for My Recovery?

Going from addiction treatment to full-on "real life" in sobriety is daunting! Here's a resource that can smooth the transition.

Madison, Wisconsin, downtown

The 100 Best U.S. Cities for Living Sober

Looking for a change of scenery in recovery? A comprehensive new ranking reveals the top American cities for living sober. Some might surprise you.

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LGBTQ2SIA+ Addiction and Recovery Challenges, and the Future of Support Services

The group suffers from substance use disorder at two to three times the rate of heterosexual, cisgender populations. But there's hope in the future of support services.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sober Housing

Sober residences provide safe alcohol- and drug-free spaces to help you begin to build a recovery program. Read our FAQ about choosing one that fits.

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