Man sitting in a cave overlooking a valley

What’s a Wellness Program, and How Can It Charge Up My Sobriety?

You don't have to be a zen master to handle life sober. But if you tune up a routine of health and harmony that works for you, you just might become one.

Family celebrating Thanksgiving, sober

Get Yourself an Attitude of Gratitude. You’ll Appreciate It

Hopelessness is a trap of addiction. Learning and practicing gratitude in recovery is one way out. Here's how.

Man sitting cross-legged and meditating

Filling the Void in Recovery Through Spiritual Exploration

You don’t have to be religious to look inward. Get some tips on contemplation, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and forming kinship.

Desk light in a prison cell

Choices and Changes

Taylor Lee Jackson is serving a 67-month sentence, but she’s found a new foundation of hope — and 27 months of sobriety — in prison.

Man in therapy session supported by others

Alternatives to Traditional 12-Step Programs

One size doesn’t fit all: In recent decades, effective alternatives to AA and NA have been providing different roads to recovery from addiction.

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