Support Groups

People in a recovery community support group meeting

We’re in This Together: Building a Healthy Sober Support Network

You are the captain of your recovery, but you don't have to do it alone. A sober support network will lift you up in tough times and celebrate your triumphs.

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Easy Does It: Tips To Keep It Simple in Early Recovery

It's harder to make recovery work if you overwork yourself. Here's how to keep your focus on what matters now.

Red and white balloons in the air

Let’s Celebrate Recovery Month!

Millions of hopeful stories emerge from addiction. We're saluting all the fantastic folks in recovery — and everyone who helped, and helps, them along the way.

Woman on rooftop overlooking cityscape

Shout It From the Rooftops: How To Be Proudly, Openly Sober

Why? Because you've earned it, because it can help you — and because it just might change someone else's life, too.

Mother, father and two kids on a hiking trail

Addiction Impacts the Whole Family, But Recovery Heals. Here’s How

In active addiction, the pain gets spread around. But your loved one needs your support in recovery, difficult as the dynamics may be. Our guide to getting better together.

Person consoling a man

Is My Friend or Loved One Going Through Addiction?

How can I tell, and what can I do to help? A supportive, compassionate presence is a difference-maker to those suffering addiction or starting recovery. Here's how you can be one.

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Peer Support: How To Give as Good as You Get

No one helps you navigate recovery quite like your friends who've been through addiction themselves. Here's how you can pay it forward.

Two friends shaking hands

Who Cares? The Necessity of Accountability in Recovery

It's important to have someone to keep you honest — and sober — but accountability is also about partnership, community and mutual support. Recovery shouldn't be lonely.

Raised hand with the word Yes on the palm

Recovery Through F.E.A.R.: Sounds Scary, But Doesn’t Have To Be

If you think recovery seems daunting, you're in the good company of everyone else who's ever tried it. It might help to keep a deceptively simple acronym in mind.

A sober man and his sponsor

Finding a Sponsor, a Friend Who’s Been There

All support helps, but forming a bond with someone who has lived addiction and recovery brings a rare degree of understanding. Here's how the process works in 12-step programs.

Veterans thriving in group therapy

Post-Traumatic Growth: Veterans, Recovery and Hope

Trauma comes in many forms, but so does recovery. Vets who have experienced PTG are inspiring others while progressing on their own journeys.

The word, RECOVERY in green text

Maintaining Sobriety Needs One Crucial Ingredient

In early recovery, few things are more crucial than creating a support system. Here's how and why to learn whom you can lean on in tough times, from family to sobriety groups.

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