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NFL players celebrate after a touchdown

Now Elite NFL Players, They First Tackled Addiction | News Roundup

All Sober compiles the best of the latest headlines. Here's your addiction and recovery news for the week of Feb. 19, 2024!

The White House

’20 Million Stories of Courage’: White House Summit on Recovery

Speakers laid out plans and challenges for battling the opioid epidemic, supporting young people in recovery, implementing recovery-friendly workplaces and much more.

Broken Champagne glass on wooden table

The Health Myth of Alcohol in Moderation?

For decades, studies claimed that some alcohol consumption carried health benefits, but a new analysis finds their methodology was often flawed. Other recent research concludes no amount of alcohol is safe.

Four Narcan nasal spray packages

FDA Approves Over-the-Counter Narcan Sales in Major Move To Curb Overdoses

A critical medication for preventing opioid overdose deaths will now be available on store shelves nationwide, no prescription needed.

Scientist working with lab materials

Finally, Some Good News in the Opioid Epidemic

Narcan, the lifesaving overdose prevention medication, may soon be available over the counter, and a vaccine against fentanyl is in development. Read up!

Filmmaker Nick Verbitsky

Talk Sober Live: ‘Opioids, Inc.’ Documentary Filmmaker on Holding Pharma Accountable

Nick Verbitsky joined All Sober's Maeve O'Neill and Geoff Botak for a wide-ranging discussion about the future of addiction and a big hurdle yet to be overcome — stopping the bad actors of the opioid crisis.

Three sober students walking on campus

Colleges Make Big Strides for Students in Recovery

Leading universities are now tailoring collegiate recovery programs to include newer models of treatment and broader experiences of recovery.

Woman calling on cell phone

Call 988 for Help: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Gets New Dialing Code

The three-digit code for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline makes it easier to call, text or chat for quick, compassionate care during a mental health or substance use crisis.

Maeve O'Neill, Kathleen Koch, Jeri Beth Cohen and Allison Schild

Talk Sober Live: An Innovative Judge and a Defendant Turned Recovery Specialist

In a new All Sober roundtable discussion, the two joined All Sober EVP Maeve O'Neill and journalist Kathleen Koch for a frank conversation about stigma, sentencing and Suboxone.

Man and woman holding hands

New CDC Findings: Drug Overdose Deaths Rise, Racial and Ethnic Disparities Widen

In just one year, death rates increased 44% for Black individuals, and 39% for American Indian and Alaska Native individuals.

Ultra marathon runner Charlie Engle

Ultra Marathoner Charlie Engle Runs 30 Hours To Celebrate 30 Years of Sobriety

The long-distance legend set off on a very hot trot to raise funds and awareness for addiction research and recovery initiatives; All Sober joined him on Instagram Live.

Diane Forster and Flora Nicholas

All Sober Cofounder Flora Nicholas on ‘I Have Today’ Show and Podcast

The platform's CEO opens up about her inspiration for creating All Sober, her goals for the All Sober community and more, in an interview with author and motivational speaker Diane Forster.

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