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NFL players celebrate after a touchdown

Now Elite NFL Players, They First Tackled Addiction | News Roundup

All Sober compiles the best of the latest headlines. Here's your addiction and recovery news for the week of Feb. 19, 2024!

Three people wearing All Sober T-shirts

If You’ve Got Sobriety, Flaunt It: The All Sober Swag Shop Is Open!

Think recovery is possible, drug-free is sexy, and want the world to know? Check out our brand new online store for hats, hoodies, shirts and sober merch!

Matthew Perry advocating for drug courts

Matthew Perry Foundation Tackles Addiction After ‘Friends’ Star’s Death

The actor became a hero to many for his years of work on recovery initiatives and his candor about his own struggles with drugs and alcohol.

John Mulaney performs his Netflix comedy special Baby J

John Mulaney’s New Stand-Up Special Puts the Spotlight on Addiction and Recovery

Many were surprised when one of comedy's biggest stars entered treatment for drug problems in 2020. He revisits his dark journey out of addiction in his new Netflix special, "Baby J."

Broken Champagne glass on wooden table

The Health Myth of Alcohol in Moderation?

For decades, studies claimed that some alcohol consumption carried health benefits, but a new analysis finds their methodology was often flawed. Other recent research concludes no amount of alcohol is safe.

Sober Super Bowl 2023

The Sober Super Bowl? Players, Entertainers and Brands Go Dry and Tackle Addiction

The first-ever nonalcoholic beer ad during the big game debuts, while NFL players and performers raise addiction awareness. Here's what to watch for.

Row of Oscar statuettes

Heart-Wrenching Portrayal of Alcohol Addiction Scores Surprise Oscar Nomination

In the indie film "To Leslie," Andrea Riseborough goes to rock bottom and beyond. She's now in the running for a Best Actress Academy Award.

Scientist working with lab materials

Finally, Some Good News in the Opioid Epidemic

Narcan, the lifesaving overdose prevention medication, may soon be available over the counter, and a vaccine against fentanyl is in development. Read up!

New Year's Eve fireworks

Is 2023 the Year ‘Sober Curious’ Goes Mainstream?

As even the notorious CNN New Year's Eve hosts plan to tone it down, here's a look at why more people are choosing to cut back or cut out alcohol use.

Maeve O'Neill of All Sober on NBC News

Supporting Sober Loved Ones During the Holidays: All Sober on NBC News Now

"Just make it normal, make it no big deal." Maeve O'Neill, our EVP of addiction and recovery, shared some advice with NBC News Now on how to brighten the holidays for your sober friends.

Two elves on a shelf

Be Merry and Bright: Celebrating the Holidays With Sober Family and Friends

Make your festivities inclusive and inviting for sober loved ones! All Sober's Maeve O'Neill shares some tips on being a supportive sober ally and welcoming host.

All Sober's Maeve O'Neill discusses sober holidays

Ringing in the Season Sober: All Sober on FOX 5 DC

Maeve O'Neill, our EVP of addiction and recovery, joined Fox 5 for a morning news segment on celebrating the holidays with newly sober family members.

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