Young People in Recovery

The White House

’20 Million Stories of Courage’: White House Summit on Recovery

Speakers laid out plans and challenges for battling the opioid epidemic, supporting young people in recovery, implementing recovery-friendly workplaces and much more.

Two women talking in a garden

Your Guide To Hanging Out and Making Friends in College — Sober

Doing college sans drugs and alcohol doesn't have to be a struggle. Some tips on making bonds that'll last and having a blast.

Smiling sober female college student holding books

10 Top Colleges for Recovery — And Sober Adventure

Recovery residences, specialized counselors, sub-free tailgates and … sober study abroad?! The sober college experience today is better than ever. These universities are showing the way.

Young Black man thinking

More People Are Getting Sober Young. Here’s Why That’s Smart

Why wait to launch a life of satisfaction, success and well-being? Some tips on getting sober and getting started.

Woman guarding another player on the basketball court

Breaking Through Peer Pressure: Substances Edition

However you feel about alcohol, drugs and sobriety, you probably don't like being peer pressured! But it can happen in sly and persuasive ways. Get yourself geared up to respond.

High school students at a subway station

How To Rock Sobriety in High School and College

Will there be pressure to use drugs and alcohol? Probably. Will you make mistakes? Sure. But being young and sober feels great, and you might be surprised by how many people are doing it.

Three teenage boys having fun without drugs

Helping Teens Cope With Change — Without Drugs and Alcohol

From parental divorce to school closures, unwelcome life changes are distressing for adolescents; some turn to substances. Guide them toward healthy emotional responses instead.

Three sober students walking on campus

Colleges Make Big Strides for Students in Recovery

Leading universities are now tailoring collegiate recovery programs to include newer models of treatment and broader experiences of recovery.

Woman writing on chalkboard at school

Heading Back to School After Addiction Treatment? Here’s How To Ace It

If you're ready to get back to class and back on track, study up on these tips to avoid the old hazards and start fresh.

Illustration of a young woman at a desk

Mental Health Minute: Stress and Anxiety in Adolescents

Got 60 seconds? Learn about anxiety, and check out some coping activities. Watch the video from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Sober students sitting at a table

Collegiate Recovery Programs: From Conception to Present-Day Communities

College and its partying culture can be particularly challenging for those in recovery from addiction. But collegiate recovery programs (CRPs) can be a lifeline.

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EdX: Find Your Purpose in Continuing Education

How can you sustain recovery from addiction? Finding purpose is one key element. Why not check out some free online classes at EdX?

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