Living Sober

People dancing at a sober party

A Sober Guide To Enjoying Venues That Serve Alcohol

Eventually, you can enjoy restaurants, festivals or even bars in sobriety — if you go to the right places with the right people. Ready to try?

Sober queer café

Sober Queer Spaces Are Giving LGBTQ+ People a Place To Just Be

Across the country, queer cafés, mixers and stores are providing options that aren't gay bars — and that's revolutionary.

Three women with noisemakers at an outdoor party

5 Ideas for a Sober Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Whether the great outdoors or spa days are more your speed, check out this guide to getting up to no good — sober.

Man and woman with text reading, Sobriety Is Not Boring

Sobriety Is NOT Boring!

It's a stale myth that you can't have fun while in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Check out this video to find out how to find your groove.

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