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Mental Health and Managing Chronic Pain

Long-term pain doesn't just hurt—it can impact mood, sleep and relationships, and be mismanaged with alcohol or opioids. But there are ways to feel better. Learn more from this Psych Hub video

All Sober Editor

When you cut yourself or pull a muscle, the pain of the injury usually goes away when the body heals. But chronic pain, lasting more than three months, is different, and it can be a significant source of mental and emotional distress. If the pain is mismanaged, patients can even develop opioid use disorder from legally prescribed painkillers.

Those with chronic pain have options, though. This Psych Hub video lays out five considerations for managing chronic pain, including how much activity is helpful or harmful, and how stress and conflict can aggravate the pain. Some of the suggestions may help sufferers alleviate their pain or get the right medical attention.

Source: Psych Hub

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