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Woman jumping in the forest

Road Map to the First Five Years in Sobriety

The road ahead for someone newly sober may seem daunting at times, but it’s worth it. Here's a month-by-month guide on what to expect.

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the NIDA

Answers to Common Questions About Drugs, Addiction and Where to Get Help

Dr. Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, explains the basics of addiction and where to get help, in this video.

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Diet, Nutrition and Substance Use Disorder

Science shows that a healthy diet with plenty of nutrients can boost your recovery from addiction. Check out the study.

Anatomical chart of the human body

How Alcohol Damages Various Bodily Systems

Most people don't realize how alcohol use impacts their body or health. Learn how it affects the brain, kidneys, pancreas, heart, liver and skin.

Woman sitting with a glass of water

7 Health Signs of Chronic Alcoholism

Heavy alcohol consumption can take a serious health toll, but many people don't know the signs to look for. Understand if you need to seek help.

Scrabble letters spelling, DETOX

Detox to Treatment, a Guide

Do I need detox? And how is treatment different? We break down how both can be crucial in recovery from addiction.

Sad child and two parents at dinner table

Warning Signs That Someone You Love Needs Treatment

Addiction does not form overnight, and loved ones are best positioned to gauge changes in behaviors, physical attributes and attitudes.

Man experiencing withdrawal symptoms

What Is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)?

Understand the symptoms experienced during post-acute withdrawal, part of the process that allows the nervous system and brain to reregulate in recovery from addiction.

Illustration of addiction and the brain

How To Explain Addiction and the Brain to Kids

This kid-friendly video from the Addiction Policy Forum explains what happens when someone is struggling with substance use disorder.

Illustration of the demons of addiction hijacking the brain

Addiction: The Hijacker

Watch this animated video explainer on substance use and the brain, the first in the series "Addiction," by the Addiction Policy Forum.

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