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Woman doing push-ups to exercise in sobriety

The Smart Way To Start Exercising — And What To Watch Out For

As with all things recovery, it's important not to rush it. But once you're on your way, you'll find the long-term benefits of fitness are exceptional.

Sign reading, Caution: Speed Bumps Ahead

What Is a Trigger?

Understand what pushes your buttons in addiction recovery, and you'll learn to save yourself a lot of stress and trouble.

Man near a tent

Nature Therapy or Just Fresh Air: Get Outside!

We feel nature's serenity and beauty, but science now explains why being outdoors makes our brains and bodies happy. For some in recovery, it can be a game changer.

Boxer wrapping his fists

Untroubling the Waters: Anger Management in Recovery

Everyone gets angry sometimes, but if anger is poisoning you, it's hurting your recovery. Here's how to let it out in a healthy way.

Broken Champagne glass on wooden table

The Health Myth of Alcohol in Moderation?

For decades, studies claimed that some alcohol consumption carried health benefits, but a new analysis finds their methodology was often flawed. Other recent research concludes no amount of alcohol is safe.

Old wooden wall clocks

Time Management: An Underrated Skill for Relaunching in Recovery

It's hard to find serenity, or even a moment to breathe, when you're always at max capacity. Learn how to organize your time, and you'll get more out of sobriety.

Lifting weights to tackle stress

How To Tackle Stress in Recovery

Ack! Life is stressful, and it feels different in recovery. You know substances only make things worse, so what to do? Some pointers on handling it like a champ.

Tetris blocks

What Does a Healthy Sober Routine Look Like?

Dread not routines! They turn newfound sources of strength and joy into regular companions.

Man sitting in a cave overlooking a valley

What’s a Wellness Program, and How Can It Charge Up My Sobriety?

You don't have to be a zen master to handle life sober. But if you tune up a routine of health and harmony that works for you, you just might become one.

Man basting chops on a grill over a flame

Sweet, Sour, Savory, Sober: How To Eat Right and Feel Good

Cutting out alcohol gives you an edge in getting fit and looking fine. Follow a few tips on nutrition to make the most of it.

New Year's Eve fireworks

Is 2023 the Year ‘Sober Curious’ Goes Mainstream?

As even the notorious CNN New Year's Eve hosts plan to tone it down, here's a look at why more people are choosing to cut back or cut out alcohol use.

Koala bear sleeping

Sleep Like a Champ and Level Up Your Recovery

We know you're busy, but bad sleep habits can hold you back in sober life — and hurt your health in the longer term. Here's why and how to sleep tighter.

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