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Recovery in the Workplace: Perspectives From Pros

These three achievers found their greatest professional success after getting sober — and they’re ready to have that conversation.

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Getting Sober: I Wanted It for Myself

Getting and staying sober doesn’t always happen on your first try, but those attempts count for something. Micaela shares how she finally achieved sobriety.

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Recovery Is a Superpower and Representation Matters

When it comes to addiction and recovery, silence kills and openness saves, writes contributor Anne Bishop Shoup.

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Persistence: 32 Years of Continuous Sobriety

Persistence kept this memoirist drinking during dark years, but persistence has also kept her sober and motivated her to write books. Carol Weis shares her truth.

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Best Podcasts About Recovery

Real stories, real hope, real talk. Here's a rundown of our favorite podcasts on all things recovery!

Cover of the book, Stumbling Home

Stumbling Home: Life Before and After That Last Drink

Carol Weis bares herself in her debut memoir, in which she unveils her two lives, before and after, in a collection of alternating chapters. It's a favorite of ours.

Tommy Heffernan: Roads to Recovery

Tommy Heffernan: Roads to Recovery

Sales industry leader Tommy Heffernan discusses his recovery journey and why support from his employer was such a crucial part of his success.

Brave, by Ruston Kelly

‘Brave’ by Ruston Kelly

Nashville singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly has been vocal about his struggles with addiction. Listen to his tribute to those who helped him get sober.

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