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Airplane flying through pink clouds

Does the ‘Pink Cloud’ of New Sobriety Help or Hurt? It’s Complicated

The euphoria of early recovery may be fleeting, but long-lasting balance is the goal. Here's how to keep your head up through the process and handle reality with confidence.

Cover of the book Releasing Anger, by Richard S.

‘Releasing Anger’ | All Sober Book Club

Four decades ago, an anonymous man in recovery sketched out some humble truths in 15 pages and discovered "anger is a friend," in some ways.

Man and woman speeding in an antique car

Romance in Recovery: Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Yes, you're allowed to date. Yes, it could get complicated. But connection is a beautiful thing in recovery if you pursue it mindfully — here's how.

Snowplow clearing a path on a road in the forest

How To Hack the Holidays in Recovery

It's perfectly normal to feel anxious or triggered around this season and all its so-called merriment. But you don't need to fear Christmas and New Year's. Just keep a few things in mind.

Vanna White at the Wheel of Fortune board

The Old Way Didn’t Work: Solving Problems in Recovery

Open communication and taking ownership aren't easy, but get to know them, and you can do some real repair work. Here's how.

All Sober's Maeve O'Neill discusses sober holidays

Ringing in the Season Sober: All Sober on FOX 5 DC

Maeve O'Neill, our EVP of addiction and recovery, joined Fox 5 for a morning news segment on celebrating the holidays with newly sober family members.

Two women holding coffee cups by a Christmas tree outside

Non-Alc November and Dry December: Everyone’s Invited

More and more revelers are choosing to skip alcohol during the holidays, for any reason or no reason. All Sober's Maeve O'Neill gives advice on why and how to pass on a glass.

Gingerbread men in a bowl

Recovery Roundtable: How Do I Handle the Holidays Sober?

We turned to eight diverse voices in the recovery world — from treatment center coordinators to a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer — for tips on how to make the most of the most wonderful time of the year, sober.

Three teenage boys having fun without drugs

Helping Teens Cope With Change — Without Drugs and Alcohol

From parental divorce to school closures, unwelcome life changes are distressing for adolescents; some turn to substances. Guide them toward healthy emotional responses instead.

Trees during winter at sunrise or sunset

The 5 Stages of Change: A Handy Framework for Understanding Recovery

It's a tried and true model for what the transition from addiction to recovery looks like. Get acquainted with each stage to assess where you're at — and what you can achieve.

Family celebrating Thanksgiving, sober

Get Yourself an Attitude of Gratitude. You’ll Appreciate It

Hopelessness is a trap of addiction. Learning and practicing gratitude in recovery is one way out. Here's how.

Madison, Wisconsin, downtown

The 100 Best U.S. Cities for Living Sober

Looking for a change of scenery in recovery? A comprehensive new ranking reveals the top American cities for living sober. Some might surprise you.

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