Woman concerned at work

Alcohol Addiction at Work: What Employers and Employees Should Know

Alcohol use disorder can cause problems at work — but many also suffer in secret. When workplaces can help employees address it with compassion, everyone benefits.

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Time Management: An Underrated Skill for Relaunching in Recovery

It's hard to find serenity, or even a moment to breathe, when you're always at max capacity. Learn how to organize your time, and you'll get more out of sobriety.

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Does a ‘High-Functioning’ Person Need Help?

The question is precisely why the term "high functioning" is broadly unhelpful. Plenty of "successful" people struggle with addiction and mental health conditions, and they deserve care.

All Sober Executive Vice President of Addiction and Recovery Maeve O'Neill

A Child of Addiction Learns To Thrive

All Sober EVP of Addiction and Recovery Maeve O'Neill reflects on the messages and mentors that helped her understand her childhood and inspired her life's work.

Woman with dog volunteering at veterinary clinic

Don’t Be Shy, Jump Into Volunteering

Whether NASA or PETA is more your speed, volunteering will keep you stimulated, introduce you to a community and give you a way to give back, sober.

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How To Respond When an Employee Shares a Mental Health Challenge

The workplace can be a huge factor in mental health, and recovery is part of that for some. Follow these guidelines from the SHRM to show up for your employees while maintaining healthy boundaries.

Maeve O'Neill on Connections Chat Podcast

Lessons for Recovery Pros: All Sober’s Maeve O’Neill on Connections Chat Podcast

Our EVP of addiction and recovery stopped by Connections Wellness Group to talk candidly about burnout, stigma and community in recovery spaces and workplaces. "We're all in this together."

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The 100 Best U.S. Cities for Living Sober

Looking for a change of scenery in recovery? A comprehensive new ranking reveals the top American cities for living sober. Some might surprise you.

Woman comforting a coworker

How To Spot Suicidal Behaviors in the Workplace

Part of creating a "culture of psychological safety" where employees feel fulfilled and supported is paying attention to signs of distress and knowing how to help. The SHRM shares some useful guidelines.

Three sober students walking on campus

Colleges Make Big Strides for Students in Recovery

Leading universities are now tailoring collegiate recovery programs to include newer models of treatment and broader experiences of recovery.

Diver exploring a reef under the ocean surface

What Comes Next? Planning for Life After Treatment

It's a fresh, exciting, maybe-a-little-bewildering new day. Here's what to think about as you prepare to leave treatment and ponder: Who will I be?

Woman writing on chalkboard at school

Heading Back to School After Addiction Treatment? Here’s How To Ace It

If you're ready to get back to class and back on track, study up on these tips to avoid the old hazards and start fresh.

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